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Five Terrifying Haunted Places in Dallas That Will Confirm the Existence of Ghosts for Non-Believers

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Dallas, Texas is an awesome city, and it's one filled with a lot of history. As with many historical cities, Dallas is home to more than just some cool metropolitan entertainment and fun - it's also home to all sorts of haunted history at the moments, historical sites, and other areas of significance across the city.

Whether you're an avid ghost hunter, and you're still on the fence about the existence of paranormal activity, these Dallas haunted hot spots are definitely worth checking out if you're in the area, and they might just turn you from a fence sitter into a full on believer in ghosts!

  • The Dallas Heritage Village - For years, paranormal hunters and ghost chasers have touted The Dallas Heritage Village as a hot spot for all sorts of paranormal activity and ghostly happenings, and it's no surprise, given the village's history. The village is a large collection of local Pioneer and Victorian homes from the 1800s, and as any ghost chaser will tell you - the older the house, the better the chances are that something spooky happened here.

    While there have been reports of paranormal activity throughout the village, one of the homes in particular, seems to be the center of a lot of the ghostly sightings and happenings - The Millermore Mansion. The Mansion, one of the most impressive buildings in the Village, has had visitors reporting all sorts of creepy things, including sudden drops in temperature in the sickroom/nursery on the second floor of the mansion, as well as the sight of a female ghost in the same area of the home, which is believed to have housed a variety of people who died from infectious diseases that were pervasive in the wild west in the 19th century.

    Diseases like small pox, pneumonia, and other ailments which while easily treatable or eradicated today, were literal plagues on populations back in the 1800s. It's no surprise spirits chose to stick around after passing on in such awful, unceremonious ways.

  • Flag Pole Hill - Local Dallas residents are likely already familiar with Flag Pole Hill, which is so haunted, that they'll warn you to stay away from the area at night. Over the years, there have been a variety of reports of strange and paranormal activity, including reports of rocks being thrown at cars when there was no one there to throw them, strange noises, and an eerie presence. Who is the ghost that haunts Flag Pole Hill? Well, that's still up for debate.

    Two of the most popular local legends are that the spirit belongs to someone who committed suicide on the Hill many years ago, and another version of the story claims that the ghost did not in fact commit suicide, but was killed by a car that was driving by the area. There's also a local residence which many say are haunted by the spirit of the person that committed suicide at Flag Pole Hill. Regardless of who is haunting the Hill, these stories are definitely creepy, and definitely lend credibility to the idea that there's in fact some bad juju around Flag Pole Hill.

  • The Renaissance Dallas Hotel - Feeling brave? Why not spend the night at a haunted hotel? Local legend said that a man jumped to his death from the roof of the Renaissance Dallas Hotel, and that he still haunts the grounds of the building today. Guests have reported mysterious noises being heard throughout the hotel, and those who have braved visiting the roof have sworn that they've felt an unnatural presence there.

  • The Majestic Theater - Right in the heart of downtown Dallas, The Majestic Theater has been a Texas icon for almost 100 years. After opening its doors in 1921, the theater hosted a variety of vaudeville acts and other iconic performers including Harry Houdini, Mae West, and many more. With almost a century of history, it's no surprise that actors, employees, and visitors have reported a slew of haunted happenings at the theater.

    Paranormal activity reports include hearing random doors open and close for "no reason", hearing mysterious footsteps while there's no one there, and lights flickering on and off. Some reports have also mentioned smelling strange fragrances, and seeing shadowy figures lurking around the theater. Spooky.

  • The Adolphus Hotel - It seems like there's no shortage of haunted hotels in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, that's for sure. Built in 1912 by Adolphus Busch while the Dallas economy was booming, the hotel has been visited by a variety of famous and infamous guests for over a century, including presidents, celebrities, royalty, and tycoons. In more recent history, guests and employees have reported some ghostly encounters at the hotel, including seeing windows fly open out of nowhere, hearing doors slam, and feeling a mysterious figure tap on their shoulder, only to turn around, and see no one there.

    One of the most well known ghosts that inhabits the Adolphus Hotel lives on the 19th Floor, and there's been countless sighting reports over the years. Who is she? Well, she's a jilted bride who hung herself in the hotel room when her betrothed failed to show up at their wedding ceremony. In addition to seeing her walk the halls of the 19th floor, guests and hotel staff have also reported hearing her muffled sobs coming from the room she is believed to have taken her life in.

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